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Do you successfully run a commercial vehicle workshop and want to use an overall workshop organization system today and in the future that will support you in your growth and innovation?

Welcome to WEGOS AG, a company of Logocom International AG.

We, the WEGOS employees, have been developing the customer-oriented overall workshop organization system MANAGE.WEGOS, which is highly integrated with commercial vehicle manufacturers, for 20 years. By bridging historical knowledge, the experience we have gained, our pioneering role in the field of workshop systems for commercial vehicle workshops and driven by the needs of the European workshop market, we always dedicate our energy to the following question: What are the requirements of the workshop of the future?

No matter how big or small, how digital or traditional your company is: Business success depends crucially on the performance of your software applications. The focus is on the human interface, the automation of processes and the communication of the equipment in the workshops. The network of physical objects such as sensors, telemetric data from the vehicles and other technologies must be linked in such a way that data processing is guaranteed without a system break.

Your workshop system is an integral part of this digital communication chain, stable and innovative, and we ensure that this will also be the case in the future.


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WEGOS Training 2023

The new training calendar 2023, the training registration and further information can be found on our training page.

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WEGOS Mobile Service Advisor (Dialogue acceptance with the iPad). Optimize with the dialogue acceptance with the customer.

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MANAGE.WEGOS - the MAN contract partner software. Europe-wide in use.


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If you have questions about our products or need help, our support staff will be happy to help.

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For our program MANAGE.WEGOS, we offer training in the areas of workshop, warehouse, finance and other areas.

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The focus of our activities is the development and tailor-made provision of dealer management systems for companies in the automotive sector.

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Headquarters in Landau

Find out more about our headquarters in Landau in der Pfalz.

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Office in Werder

Find out more about our office in Werder (Havel), near Berlin.

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